Suez Canal, 1941

Suez Canal, 1941

The Suez voyage of April to September of 1941 from Liverpool to Suez and return.

When re-fitting was completed at Liverpool in April of 1941, the EMPRESS OF ASIA embarked approximately 2,000 soldiers of a Yorkshire Regiment of the British Army known as the Green Howards.

The EMPRESS OF ASIA sailed from Liverpool on April 24th, 1941 bound for Suez via the Cape of Good Hope.  Suez was reached in early July after stops at Freetown, Capetown, Durban, and Aden.  The Green Howards were disembarked at Suez and joined the African campaign of the British Army.

The EMPRESS OF ASIA sailed from Suez bound for Durban with approximately 1,000 Italian Prisoners of War.  Also on board were approximately 300 civilian and military evacuees.  Included were British Naval, Air Force, and Army personnel assigned to redeployment as well as about seventy Norwegian Volunteers and a small number of servicemen from the Free French, Belgian and Dutch military. Some civilian evacuees, including women and children, from the Greece and Crete campaigns were also on board.

Prince Phillip of Greece, then a member of the Royal Navy, served as a midshipman on the EMPRESS OF ASIA as he traveled to Durban.

Other notable passengers were two British Brigadier-Generals, G.S. Brunskill and E.A. Miness.  Two American businessmen were also on board, Alexander Jacobs of Chicago and Victor Hughs of Queens.

At Durban the Prisoners of War were disembarked and the ship continued to New York by way of Trinidad.  After completion of some repairs the ship sailed from New York bound for Halifax. 

The Empress of Asia called at Halifax after completing the voyage to Suez.  At Halifax, approximately 2,000 Canadian troops were embarked for transport to Britain for service in Europe.  The Empress of Asia sailed from Halifax on the 16th September 1941 bound for Liverpool as part of convoy HX150.

Among the troops being transported was Willard G. (Dusty) Perrin of the The Corps of the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME).  Willard Perrin later would participate in the invasion of Normandy.  While on aboard the ship he managed to save two menus that describe meals being provided to the troops.  Thanks to the Perrin family for providing these images.   

Among the troops being transported was Willard G. (Dusty) Perrin of the The Corps of the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME).  Willard Perrin later would participate in the invasion of Normandy.  While on aboard the ship he managed to save two menus that describe meals being provided to the troops.  Thanks to the Perrin family for providing these images.          


After the troops were disembarked at Liverpool, further repairs and refitting were undertaken in preparation for the Empress of Asia’s next voyage. 

The following table contains the names of the crew members that served aboard the EMPRESS OF ASIA during the voyage of April to September of 1941 from Liverpool to Suez and return.
Abbott,  P. J.Able Seaman
Addison, E.Sailor
Allen, C. J.Cook
Allen, J.Baker
Allen, L.Able Seaman
Anderson, A.Boy Seaman
Anderson, A.Trimmer
Atkins, D. M.Cadet
Baines, T.Fireman
Banks, R. S.Laundryman
Barry, R.Boy Seaman
Beedon, H.Steward
Bell, D.Baker
Bennett, H. J.Trimmer
Bennett, T.Fireman
Berry, J. E.Plate Sculleryman
Betts, W. R.Cook
Bilsborough, J. J.Trimmer
Bishop, J.Fireman
Blakeman, C.Butcher
Bonfil, P. J.Kitchen Porter
Bonitto, O.Fireman
Boyle, E. E.Able Seaman
Bree, B.Barkeeper
Brew, T.Fireman
Briercliffe, A. M.Laundryman
Brierley, W.Chief Butcher
Brierley, W.Waiter
Brooking, S.Able Seaman
Brown, E.Barkeeper
Brown, J.Able Seaman
Brown, J.Engineers’ Boy
Brown, J. P.Fireman
Brown, P.Fireman
Brownsmith, A.Barkeeper
Bulley, T. E.Linenkeeper
Burns, J.Fireman
Burrows, T.Steward
Bush, H.Fireman
Butler, W. D.Waiter
Byrne, A.Cook
Campbell, C. S.Pants
Campbell, J.Fireman
Cannell, J. H.Printer
Caren, T.Fireman
Carter, C.Dispenser
Carter, J. W.Sculleryman
Cashman, E.Fireman
Cassidy, R.Trimmer
Catterall, J.Fireman
Chan, KamJoiner
Chan, LamJoiner
Chang, Tin YauRustyman
Charles, T.Butcher
Clark, G.Trimmer
Clark, W.Pants
Clarke, A. R.Fireman
Collins, H.Barkeeper
Colville, W.Quarter Master
Connell, H.A.Radio Operator
Conway, V. H.Pantryman
Cooper, W.Trimmer
Corrigan, W.Fireman
Costello, M. W.Ordinary Seaman
Coulson, H.Fireman
Coulson, H. T.Trimmer
Cowell, R. V.Steward
Cox, H.Waiter
Cranny, J.Fireman
Craven, J.Trimmer
Critchley, A. S.Kitchen Porter
Crofts, C. W.2nd Officer
Cronin, R.Waiter
Cropper, C.Fireman
Crozier, T.Fireman
Cruikshank, E.Linenkeeper
Cuestra, C.Able Seaman
Cundle, L. J.Pantryman
Cunningham, P.Fireman
Currin, F. H.Trimmer
Davies, H.Fireman
Day, R.Laundryman
Dean, J.Greaser
Deane, J.Quarter Master
Dehert, L.Butcher
Dias, H.Fireman
Dignam, S. E.Cook
Dixon, F.Cook
Dolan, D.Waiter
Dolan, J.Trimmer
Donnelly, J. W.3rd Officer
Dow, J.Trimmer
Drummond, J.Sanitation Engineer
Duff, P.Fireman
Duffy, C.Trimmer
Dumphy, J.Fireman
Dunn, W.Fireman
Dutton, S.Fireman
Dutton, S.Steward
Edmonds, D.Waiter
Edwards, E. A.Steward
Edwards, L.Quarter Master
Elliot, C. W.Butcher
Elworthy, D. R.Pantryman
Evans, E. W.Sailor
Ewart, J. N.Steward
Feeney, L. J.Waiter
Feeney, W. J.Trimmer
Felton,  C.Quarter Master
Fenlon, N.Fireman
Ferguson, D.Waiter
Ferguson, T.Trimmer
Ferrie, J.Waiter
Fitzpatrick, J.Greaser
Flynn, F.Cook
Forrest, E.Fireman
Fowler, R.Fireman
Fox, C. A.Able Seaman
Fraser, G. W.Storekeeper
Fulton, T. A.Steward
Gardner, J. J.Kitchen Porter
Garner, J. A.Waiter
Gee, A. E.Chef
Gibb, F.Waiter
Gick, J.Kitchen Sculleryman
Gillespie, F. T.Chief Electrician
Gillett, C. J. O.Boy Seaman
Ginley, M.Greaser
Glover,  W. F.Fireman
Gonsky, J.Pants
Gorman, M.Trimmer
Grant, J.Barkeeper
Grant, N. H.Fireman
Green, T.Fireman
Greggs, E.Fireman
Griffen, H. G.Steward
Grimes, J.Sailor
Gubbings, F. C.Waiter
Gwynne, H.Able Seaman
Hall, T. T.Waiter
Halliwell, A.Joiner
Hatcher, H.Able Seaman
Hazard, W. P.Waiter
Healey, T.Fireman
Hesp, H.Fire Patrol
Hickey, J.Officers’ Steward
Higgins, J.Greaser
Higgins, W.Steward
Higgs, E. E.Ordinary Seaman
Hitchcock, T. W.Plate Sculleryman
Hobdell, H. J.Cook
Hockey, T.Trimmer
Hodges, G.Cook
Holling, G.Boots
Holmes, A. W.Engineer
Horan, E. T.Waiter
Hornby, T.Able Seaman
Hosken, G.Able Seaman
Howard, A.Engineers’ Boy
Howard, G. G. W.Fireman
Howarth, J.Trimmer
Howe, F. L.Waiter
Hughes, R.Cook
Hughs, E.Cook
Humphrey, R. L.Ordinary Seaman
Irving, W.Chief Steward’s Writer
Jackson, J.Trimmer
James, A.Fire Patrol
Jennison, J.Fireman
Jensen, A.Able Seaman
Johnston, G. E.Baker
Johnston, L. H.1st Officer
Jones E.Able Seaman
Jones, E. A.Steward
Jones, J.Fireman
Jones, P.Fireman
Jones, P.Trimmer
Jones, V. C.Boatswain
Joyce, E. R.Engineer
Kearney, G.Greaser
Kelly, J.Waiter
Kelly, N.Waiter
Kelly, W.Fireman
Kenny, D. R.Washhouseman
Kerr, T. J.Trimmer
Kinsella, M.Fireman
Kirby, A. H.Able Seaman
Kirkham, W.Fireman
Knott, J.Engineer
Lafferty, C.Trimmer
Lane, L.R.Radio Operator
Lamb, P. J .Trimmer
Lamont, R.Engineer
Larkin, E.Officers’ Steward
Larkin, F.Baker
Lasky, M.Cook
Lavelle, P. J.Fireman
Law, L. C.Steward
Lawson, W.Fireman
Ledwidge, F.Greaser
Lee, R.Cook
LePatourel, P. A.Bridge Cadet
Little, J. G.Trimmer
Lloyd, D.Storekeeper
Lloyd, J.Greaser
Long, D.Waiter
Longfield, A. G.Able Seaman
Lorrain, A.Cook
Madden, T.Trimmer
Maguire, D.Waiter
Maguire, W.Baker
Mann, L.Storekeeper
Manning, J.Greaser
Marlow, F.Fireman
Marlow, W. J.Waiter
Marshall, R.Able Seaman
Masson, J.Engineer
McArthur, W. H.Engineer
McBide, P.Greaser
McCabe, S.Waiter
McCoy, W.Fireman
McFeely, D.Trimmer
McGinley, J. F.Cook
McGinley, W. K.Surgeon
McGorian, H. T.Trimmer
McGowan, W.Trimmer
McGuire, T.Trimmer
McHugh, J.Fireman
McIntosh, A. J.Waiter
McKean, R. A.Refrigeration Engineer
McKenna, D.Trimmer
McKeown, W.Boatswain
McKillop, E. D.Butcher
McKinnon, W. R.Boy Seaman
McLean, H.5th Officer
McLeod, F. C.Fireman
McLoughlin, A.Fireman
McPherson, W.Sailor
McVey, J.Fireman
McVey, V.Trimmer
Meikle, G. L.Electrician
Merry, P.Fireman
Milburn, J. W.Engineer
Miller, W.Trimmer
Milner, A.Fireman
Minshull, W. R.Waiter
Moran, B.Purser
Morgan, A.Steward
Morgan, E.Donkeyman
Morgan, J.Fireman
Morgan, P.Trimmer
Morrey, F.Cook
Morton, J. J.Cook
Muldoon, F.Steward
Mullen, J.Trimmer
Murdoch, A.Able Seaman
Murphy, J. D.Waiter
Murphy, J. N.Trimmer
Murphy, W.Able Seaman
Newman, R. H.Fireman
Nickels, K. A.Barkeeper
Nimmo, W. R.Trimmer
Noakes, H.Fireman
Nolan, E. J.Plate Sculleryman
Nyland, T.Fireman
Oatham, R.Steward
O’Hanlon, M.Trimmer
O’Hara, H.Fireman
Oliver, W.4th Officer
O’Neill, O. M.Plate Sculleryman
O’Reilly, M.Cook
O’Toole, L.Trimmer
Owen, H. J.Chief Engineer
Owens, G.Steward
Partington, R. M.Able Seaman
Pate, G.Trimmer
Paterson, R. H.Cook
Patten, T.Trimmer
Penman, W.Greaser
Piercy, D. B.Steward
Pitt-Brooke, R.Purser’s Cadet
Powell, D.Storekeeper
Price, L.Steward
Pritchard, T.Engineer
Pritchard, W.Steward
Proctor, A.Kitchen Porter
Punter, E.R.Quarter Master
Quillan, J.Fireman
Ramsbottom, J. R.Cook
Raw, W. P.Waiter
Read, G. C.Storekeeper
Reekie, G.Purser’s Messenger
Reid, J.Trimmer
Reynolds, H.Able Seaman
Ridley, E. A.Engineer
Rigby, N.Chief Baker
Rigby, W. A.Steward
Riley, A. J.Waiter
Riley, J.Fireman
Roberts, H.Plateman
Roberts, H. W.Baker
Roberts, W. J.Pants
Robertson, H.Engineer
Robertson, H.Trimmer
Robinson, E. V.Waiter
Robinson, M.Fireman
Robinson, W. J.Purser
Rose, A.Trimmer
Russell, A.Steward
Ruth, T.Trimmer
Ryan, T. C.Officers’ Boy
Ryder, T. E.Butcher
Salinas, P.Quarter Master
Savage, A.Greaser
Savage, C.Boatswain
Sayers, R. G.Cadet
Scotland, G.Trimmer
Seddon, J.Fireman
Semple, W.Engineer
Shea, J.Trimmer
Singleton, B. G.Trimmer
Singleton, J.Fireman
Smallwood, H.Butcher
Smith, D.Carpenter
Smith, D.Chief Officer
Smith, F.Plate Sculleryman
Smith, J. B.Commander
Smith, T.Fireman
Soley, J. A.Laundryboy
Stack, J. E.Waiter
Stainton, H.Engineer
Stanton, M.Fireman
Stanway, G. W.Boy Seaman
Starkey, P.Fireman
Steadman, S. J.Ordinary Seaman
Stephens, W.Steward
Sunter, P.Waiter
Sweeney, E.Barkeeper
Swift, D.Greaser
Tempest, K. S.Engineers’ Steward
Terry, R.Boots
Tetart, P.Fireman
Third, J. W.Baker
Thomas, R.D.Radio Operator
Thompson, J.Fireman
Thompson, L. D.Waiter
Tillsley, W.Confectioner
Tomlinson, J. A.Steward
Tozer, G.Boy Seaman
Traynor, J.Greaser
Trust, T.Officers’ Boy
Tufnail, O. C.Barkeeper
Tully, A.Trimmer
Turnbull, W. E.Engineer
Turnock, B. H.Steward
Wafer, J.Fireman
Watton, G. F.Waiter
Watts, H. G.Fireman
Weaver, W.Barkeeper
West, H.Able Seaman
White, E.Trimmer
Whittaker, H. T.Engineer
Williams, D. B.Electrician
Williams, H.Able Seaman
Williams, J.Greaser
Williams, J. E.Trimmer
Wilson, F. H.Waiter
Wilson, W.Waiter
Windsor, J.Steward
Winslow, C.Trimmer
Woods, J.Fireman
Woods, T.Butcher
Woodworth, J. C.Waiter
Woolerton, W.Cook
Wright, F. S.Chief Steward
Wright, J.Fireman
Wright, J. D.Trimmer
Wright, T.Trimmer
Wright, W. T.Barkeeper
Wu Chiu (Win Chin)Storekeeper
Yegliss, P.Pantryman
Young, P.Fireman
Young, W.Steward