Prisoners of War List

The following list identifies the Empress of Asia crewmembers that became Prisoners of War and who were interned in various camps in South East Asia.

Bailey F. Butcher
Banks W.A. Waiter
Barrow L. Deck Hand, Naval Gunner
Bate A.E. Waiter
Beattie A. Cooks' Boy
Bell D. Baker
Bellis J.F. Plate Scullery
Bree B.M. Barkeeper
Brewer E. Baker
Brierley W. Chief Butcher
Brierley W.J. Waiter
Briggs H.W. Night Steward
Brown J. Captain's Steward
Burrows T. Chief Bedroom Steward
Butler L. Officers' Steward
Cahoon J. Bath Steward
Carse D.F. Bedroom Steward
Carter C.L. Dispenser
Carter J. Kitchen Porter
Chegwin H. Bath Steward
Christian P. Plateman
Clotworthy S. Pantryman
Collins H. Barkeeper
Cook C. Butcher
Corbett J. Baker
Covell L.P. Cook
Cowell H. Pantryman
Critchley W. Kitchen Porter
Crofts C.W. 2nd Officer
Crowley S.F. Cook
Crowther J. Pantryman
Cruickshank E. Linenkeeper
Curran M.G. Waiter
Currin F.H. Trimmer
Cusack C. Chief Tourist Steward
Diamond T. Storekeeper
Dignan S.E. Cook
Dolan D. Waiter
Dougherty W.G. Barkeeper
Dyson R.J. Pantryman
Edwards E.A. Lounge Steward
Evans W.L. Waiter
Farrell R.T. 1st Radio Officer
Feeney L.J. Waiter
Ferrie J. Waiter
Finnigan A. Butcher
Flynn F. Cook
Fuller A. Bedroom Steward
Gardner J. Cook
Gee A. Chef
Gibb F. Linenkeeper
Gick J. Cook
Giles J. Laundryman
Gray V. Pantryman
Hall A.E. Laundryman
Halliwell A. Joiner
Harris A.V. Steward
Harvey R.P. Waiter
Hazard W.P. Waiter
Hesp H.A. Assistant Butcher
Hewitson S. Barkeeper
Higgins L. Barkeeper
Higgins W.J. Bedroom Steward
Hill R. Barkeeper
Hughes E.R. Cook
Hughes R. Chef
Hughes W. Assistant Butcher
Hughes E.J. Assistant Laundryman
Imms H. Waiter
Imms J. Butcher
Irving W. Chief Steward's Writer
Johnston G.E. Baker
Jones R.A. Waiter
Keen A.S. Baker
Kelly J. Dining Room Steward
Kelly J.F.X. Waiter
Kennedy H. Able Seaman
Kirby F.R. Waiter
Koster G.L. Waiter
Lasky M. Cook
Lawrence A.F. Waiter
Lee R. Cook
Lindon J. Assistant Ship's Cook
Lloyd R. Engineers' Steward
Lloyd W. Assistant Storekeeper
Lloyd W. Assistant Pantryman
Lomas J.H. Waiter
Lorraine A. Assistant Cook
Lumley S. Kitchen Scullery
Maguire D. Waiter
Marlow W.J. Waiter
Masterson W. Waiter
Mawdesley J. Boots
McGinley W.K. Surgeon
McGregor R. Bedroom Steward
McIntyre W.A. Cook
McKelvie J. Cook
Meakin J.W. Assistant Baker
Minshull W.R. Waiter
Moran B.D. Chief Purser
Morgan S. Waiter
Morriey P. Assistant Cook
Morris H. Boots
Morrison A. Engineers' Boy
Muldoon F. Assistant Laundry
Murphy J.D. Waiter
Murphy R.M. Officers' Steward
Nickels R.A. Barkeeper
Nolan E.J. Assistant Cook
Noone F. Waiter
Oatham R. Waiter
O'Reilly M. Cook
O'Rourke P. Engineers' Steward
Paley A. Bedroom Steward
Parker V. Relief Cook
Paterson J.R. Waiter
Paterson R.H. Assistant Cook
Penrith D.F.C. Kitchen Scullery
Powell G.F. Assistant Steward
Powell T.G. Storekeeper
Price L. Smoking Room Steward
Pritchard R. Pantryman
Proctor A.W. Kitchen Porter
Rigby W.A. Bath Steward
Roberts H.W. Baker
Roberts T.H. Waiter
Roche F. Assistant Butcher
Rowed W. Assistant Engineers' Steward
Rowlands R.D. Waiter
Rusk C. Waiter
Ryan T. Engineers' Boy
Seers J.R. Hospital Attendant
Selby W.A. Printer
Smallwood H. Kitchen Porter
Smith H.C. Barkeeper
Stewart J. Waiter
Storer R. Barkeeper
Taylor T.W. Waiter
Taylor W.R. Waiter
Third J. Baker
Thompson L.D. Steward
Tilsley W. Chief Baker
Tomlinson J. Steward
Towers J.J. Deck Boy
Tufnail O. Barkeeper
Vertis J. Night Steward
Walpole N. Waiter
Walker C. Plate Scullery
Willliams L.L. Printer
Wilson E. Assistant Officers' Steward
Wright F.R. Chief Steward
Wright W.J. Barkeeper
Yates T. Bath Steward

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