November 23 1929 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. J. Hailey, began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on November 23rd, 1929.

The ship carried 950 passengers in all classes with 100 First Class, 80 Second Class, 45 Third Class and 725 Steerage. 

The Steerage quarters were inadequate to accommodate all the passengers assigned so some were transferred to Third Class and some Third Class passengers were promoted to Second Class.

Many missionaries were among the passengers on this voyage.

Note of Interest:

Karl L. Kitchen, of the New York World, sailed to Hong Kong on this voyage, to meet with his friends Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford and accompany them on a tour of Asia.

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA November 23rd, 1929 at Vancouver and Victoria.


Karl L. Kitchen

Of the New York World, en route to Hong Kong.

Perry Burgess

Secretary of the Leonard Wood Memorial for the Eradication of Leprosy, en route to Manila.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Manesser

Of London, England.

E. Hospes

CPR General Agent at Yokohama.

Reverend John R. Edwards

Reverend Edward L. Bliss

Reverend Sister Marie Antoine Daniel

Reverend Sister Marie de Notre Dame de Foye

Reverend Sister Marie de Saintinez

Reverend Sister Marie Notre Dame du Salut

Reverend Sister Marie du Bx Rene Goupil

Reverend Sister Marie du Bx Isaac Jogues

Reverend Sister Marie Marana

Reverend Paul Niehuesser

Rt, Reverend Monseigneur Reiners

Reverend Sister Marie Rosemonde

Reverend Henry Steinfort

Reverend Sister Marie Zenaide

Reverend W. W. Waller

Reverend Sister Marie de Saint Thibault

Reverend Sister Marie de Saint Theudere

Reverend Sister Marie Thelica

Captain N. R. Bennett

Captain J. B. Bruce

Miss Tsi Dzi Irene Ho

Dr. H. B. Freidlander

Mrs. T. C. Buxton

J. M. Dalgarno

Louis Elenbogen

Mrs. Minta Lockwood Hull

Mrs. P. C. Rubio

Patricia Spence

Ruth Poyner

Mr. and Mrs. Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Werntz

Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Oakshott

C. B. Manifold

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kutzschbach

M. W. Cardwell

Mrs. J. E. Josepthal

Irene Hotung


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