June 9 1927 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on June 9th, 1927.  The ship carried a light passenger list, with a total of 280 passengers.  The ship was heavily laden with general cargo with large consignments of flour and refrigerator parcels.

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA on June 9th, 1927 at Vancouver and Victoria.

Note of Interest:

Roald Amundsen the renowned Arctic and Antarctic explorer was a passenger on this crossing, bound for Yokohama.


Roald Amundsen

Renowned Arctic and Antarctic explorer bound for Yokohama.

Charles MacVeagh

United States Ambassador to Japan, boarded at Victoria after travelling by boat from Seattle.

Lieutenant W. F. McArthur

En route to the Orient from London.

E. K. Titus

New York newspaperman making a world tour.  He will travel to Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway.


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