July 23 1925 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on July 23rd, 1925. 

The ship made a quick turn around to accommodate schedule and sailed 7 days after arriving in Vancouver.

Victoria harbour was exceptionally busy on July 23rd, 1925 with 7 deep sea ships calling at the port.  The visiting ships, in addition to the EMPRESS OF ASIA were the CANADIAN PLANTER, CANADIAN FARMER, AORANGI, HANNA NIELSEN, EMMA ALEXANDER and DOROTHY ALEXANDER. 

Unsettled conditions and social unrest in China discouraged travel to the Far East and produced a very small passenger list with the ship reporting only 27 First Class and 29 Second Class passengers. 

A large cargo of 4,000 tons was reported including automobiles, lumber, flour and spelter. 

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA on July 23rd, 1925 at Vancouver and Victoria.


Captain W. C. Passmore

A pilot on the China coast.

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