February 22 1923 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on February 22nd, 1923.  

A passenger list of 350 was reported

Annette Swanson, 8 years old, was travelling from the United States to join her parents who were Salvation Army missionaries at Yokohama.  During the crossing to Japan, Annette Swanson was cared for by the Purserí Department. 

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA February 22nd, 1923 at Vancouver and Victoria.


Annette Swanson

En route to Yokohama from Montana.

David Spencer

Of Victoria.

T. A. Spencer

Of Vancouver

Mrs. F. Ryder

Associated with the American Consulate at Vancouver.

I. J. Reyes

Of Manila, returning from Washington, D.C.

A. P. Scott

Associated with the Shell oil Company at Yokohama.

A. Warren

Associated with the Consolidated Mining Co. at Trail, B.C.

M. Gaston Kann

Minister plenipotentiary of France in the Far East.

Major Charles Bridge

Assistant Military Attache of the British Embassy at Washington D.C.

F. C. Gilbert

General Field Secretary of the Seventh Day Adventists at Kakoma Park, Washington.

A. J. McMillan

Manager of the Robin Hood mills,


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