December 16 1920 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on December 16th, 1920. 

The ship carried 300 First Class, 45 Second Class, 92 Third Class and 703 Steerage passengers.  Approximately 40 passengers boarded at Victoria.

Edward Hubbard regularly delivered mail from Seattle to the EMPRESS OF ASIA at Victoria.  On December 16th 1920, Hubbard is reported to have made an unsuccessful attempt to become airborne with 12 sacks of mail.  He returned to his hanger, unloaded a single bag and successfully resumed his flight to meet the ship.

On this voyage the Christmas would be spent at sea.  The ship’s Baker, Alexander Stewart, prepared a large cake model of the EMPRESS OF ASIA.  The cake, over 3 feet long and weighing 50 pounds, took Stewart four days to complete and was displayed at the buffet in the Dining Saloon.

No passenger information is available for this crossing.

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