August 16 1928 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. J. Hailey, began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on August 16th, 1928. 

A full cargo of freight was reported.

The ship carried 560 passengers comprising 135 First Class, 125 Second Class, 50 Third Class and 250 Steerage.

Many passengers with missionary or business interests in the Far East were returning after summer furloughs in Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA on August 16th, 1928 at Vancouver and Victoria.


Bishop W. N. Ainsworth

En route to Yokohama.

Reverend J. A. Harmon

En route to Yokohama.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Mills

En route to China on missionary assignment.

Rev. Montgomery H. Troop and family

En route to China on missionary assignment.

Mrs. Charles Steinbeck

En route to Japan on missionary assignment.

Alden Steinbeck

En route to Japan on missionary assignment.

M. J. Higginbotham

Of vancouver, travelling to Kobe for a teaching assignment.

J. A. Langley

Trade commissioner in Tokyo.

Dr. J. E. De Becker

Prominent Kobe barrister.

B. Guggenheim

Of the noted financial family.

Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Guy

Of the Bradford Company, British Woolen manufacturers.

G. A. Johnson

Shanghai architect.

S. H. Laurence

British textile industry representative.

F. B. Marshall

A Madras tea planter.

G. S. Merrick

A Director of tobacco merchants Godfrey Phillips, London, England.

Mrs. Lee Dan

Wife of Lee Dan, Victoria importer.

Lee Chune

Of the Yung Chong Lung Company, Victoria en route to Shanghai.

T. W. T. Tucker

Prominent Kobe businessman.


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