April 3 1926 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on April 3rd, 1926.  

The ship carried a rich cargo including 200 bars of British Columbia mined silver valued at $120,00.00.  Other cargo originating from British Columbia included 750 tons of lead and zinc and 1,400 cases of beer. 

Cargo also included 1, 300 tons of flour and from Alberta 50 tons of oats, and 165 tons of butter and beef. 

A large shipment of automobiles and a large shipment of ammonia were also on board.

The ship reported a large list of First Class passengers.

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA on April 3rd, 1926, at Vancouver and Victoria.

John McCormack

Of New York, a renowned tenor travelling on a tour of the Far East.

Mrs. W. W. Campbell

Returning to Yokohama.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Lynch

Of New York

Dorothy Dodd

Of New York

L. Lourange

Of New York

K. Nakamuro

Returning to Yokohama.

M. Narumo

Returning to Yokohama.


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