April 3 1925 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on April 3rd, 1925.

A capacity cargo and a passenger list of over 300 were reported.  The cargo included automobiles, asbestos, lumber, flour, canned fish, and fruit.  

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA on April 3rd, 1925 at Vancouver and Victoria.


G. S. Bull

Of New York, a Director of the National Aniline & Chemical Company en route to Japan.

G. S. Beebe,

Of New York, associated with Carte, Macey & Company.

A. K. Ruroll

Associated with the Singer Sewing Machine Company of New York.

P. E. Bonsfield

Associated with the tea merchant Peller & Company of Shidzuoka, Japan.

H. C. Hutchings

Associated with the General Motors Exchange Corporation.

Harry Lachlin

Of Shanghai, associated with Jardine Matheson Company.

G. B. McFarland

Of New York, en route to Bangkok.

G. H. Pson

Associated with the rubber industry and Rothchild & Company, en route to Malaya.

O. D. Wanamaker

Of New York.

H. L. Wilson

Of Winnipeg, Canada en route to the far East.

Helen S. Wilson

Of Winnipeg, Canada en route to the far East.

H. W. Stevenson



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