April 20 1922 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. W. Douglas, began a Pacific crossing upon sailing from Vancouver on April 20th, 1922.  

A passenger list of 150 First Class, 50 Cabin Class and 500 Steerage passengers was reported.

A capacity cargo was reported.

Notable passengers embarking aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA on April 20th, 1922 at Vancouver and Victoria.

Sir Wilfred Peek

Of Ransdown England.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Enos

Of New York, a journalist, formerly with the Vancouver Province.  Associated with the Canadian Pacific Railway in the United States.  En route to Yokohama

Charles A. Fuller

Of Chicago.

J. Clarke Jackson

Associated with the Salt Union of Liverpool.

Captain J. Holmes

Of the Royal Navy.

J. D. Lyon

Of Pittsburgh.

L. F. Pye

Associated with Carter, Macey & Company of New York.

Reverend and Mrs. F. Ainsworth

Of Toronto.

C. A. Calkins

Of Vancouver.

Reverend and Mrs. C. R. Carscallen.

Of Toronto.

Mrs. E. Godefoy

Of Toronto.

Hugh Godefoy

Of Toronto.

A. Ikeda

Of Vancouver.

T. Ito

Of Vancouver.

Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Lindsay

Of Toronto.

E. Tufts

Of Toronto.

E. W. Wallace

Of Toronto.

J. Cuthbertson

Of Toronto.

G. Otway

Of Toronto.

A. Bertha Houger

Of Comrey, Alberta.

Baron Nakashima

Of Tokyo.

N. B. Bach

Of Lenwig, Denmark.

H. Kuhrb

Of Rostock, Germany, en route to China.

W. Reist

Of Grindewald, Switzerland.

E. S. Mohler

Of Seattle.

Adolph Hassek

Of Harbin Manchuria.  Associated with the International Sleeping Car Company, en route to Kobe.


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