September 29 1928 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA commanded by A. J. Hailey concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on September 29th, 1928.  A passenger list of 500 was reported with 90 First Class, 50 Second Class, 16 Third Class and 239 Steerage.  Cargo included 700 tons of raw silk valued at $4,000,000.00.  The silk would leave for the east by a special train of 16 cars.  Other cargo consisted of 975 tons of overland cargo, 100 tons of perishable freight and 760 tons to be transshipped through Panama Canal to Eastern Canada, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Note of Interest:

On this voyage passengers included members of the Illinois baseball team that had been touring the Orient.  The team was destined for Seattle.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on September 29th, 1928.


Reverend G. F. Mosher

Bishop of the Philippines

J. W. Mears

Of Manila

A. F. Vanhall

Prominent Dutch merchant.

C. O. Drake


Dr. Gilbert Grosvenor

President of the National geographic Society

A. Nagano

Of the Fuji trading Company.

F. Yamaji

Mitsui Company official.

Y. Fukukita

Of the Oji paper Mills.


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