September 15 1924 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on September 15th, 1924.  A passenger list of 304 was reported. 

When the ship reached Victoria, L. K. Kojovnikoff, a Russian author, was rushed to hospital in serious condition.  The individual had become ill shortly after the ship left Yokohama.

A cargo of 4,454 tons was carried including a large shipment of silk

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Victoria and Vancouver on September 15th, 1924.


Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gibbons

Of New York, returning from a world tour.

A. W. Wolffe

Of Manchester, associated with the Union Trading Company, Kobe.

A. E. Cooper

Of London, a silk merchant.

Joel Spitz

Of Chicago, associated with the clothier Hart Schaffner & Marx.

E. S. Erickson

Of New York, associated with the Texas Oil Company.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Coughlan

Of the shipbuilding firm J. Coughlan & Sons, Vancouver.

Judge H. W. Black

Of New York.

E. L. S. Gordon

British Consul at Dairen.

Reverend Dr. Harris E. Kirk


Mrs. R. J. Marshall

Of Shanghai.

W. Posener

A London merchant en route home.

E. V. Ferrer

A Spanish diplomat en route home from Tokyo.

L. K. Kojovnikoff

A Russian author

Walter Siegfried

Of the tea importer Siegfried, Schmidt & Company, en route from Shanghai.


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