October 6 1939 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, under the command of George Goold, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on October 6th, 1939.  On the voyage the ship encountered a gale of almost typhoon proportions 36 hours after leaving Yokohama.

The ship is described as bringing in a small list of travelers.  Included were a group of Hawaiian wrestlers bound for Seattle as part of a U.S. series of engagements.  Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on October 6th, 1939.


W. H. Siegfried

President of Siegfried & Company, tea merchants of Chicago, returning from a visit to Japan.

Father P. B. Charboneau

Franciscan Order, proceeding from Tokyo to Montreal.

W. Buckberrough

Canadian Pacific Agent at Tokyo.

B. Butler

Assistant Canadian Trade Commissioner at Singapore.

A. Kemball

Kailan Mining Administration, Chingwangtao, travelling to London.

Lieut. Colonel C. L. Tayleur

R.A., travelling to London.

Surgeon Lieut. P. G. Burgess

R.N., travelling to London.

S. H. Chao

Travelling to Cornell University

G. L. Gregson

Travelling to Vancouver Island.


Prominent merchant returning to Seattle with family.

J. W. Spence

Leeds engineering firm of Greenwood & Battley travelling to England from Bangkok.


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