October 25 1913 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by S. Robinson, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on October 25th, 1913.  On this voyage a typhoon was encountered shortly after leaving Yokohama.  Severe weather conditions were experienced and large waves swept the ship.  Water washed over the Promenade deck, part of the bridge forward was smashed, the pilothouse doors were stove in and the Purserís cabin was flooded.

The ship was slowed by the bad weather and reached Victoria after nightfall, anchoring off the Outer Docks.  The tender OTTER took off passengers, mail and baggage bound for Victoria. 

Dr. Nelson in the Quarantine steamer met the ship at Beechey Head.  Pilot Whitely brought the liner to Victoria from Race Rocks; Pilot Robarts sailed her on to Vancouver.

The EMPRESS OF ASIA carried a light passenger list, 44 Saloon, 57 Intermediates Classes, and 447 Steerage passengers.

The ship carried a large cargo.  Included in the cargo was a shipment of 3,007 bales of raw silk valued at over $1,500,000.00 and 122 cases of silk goods valued at $70,000.00. 

Carried also were 200 cases of linens, 100 cases of cottons, 250 cases of curios, 220 bales of braid straw, 580 bales of wild silk, 111 bales of waste silk, lily bulbs, tea and Chinese crackers.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on October 25th, 1913.


A. Forbes

William Mathews

W. P. White

M. Ijjima

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Kydd

J. B. Lawler

W. A. Mentzer

Elizabeth S. Moore

S. Morton

Mrs. J. Raby and family

J. Reifsnider

Captain G. A. Scales

Miss Simpson

L. C. Thomas

Mrs. H. L. Wigmore

Mrs. J. Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. C. Yada

F. Yada

K. Yada

Dr. N. Bradley

M. Bradley

Captain and Mrs. R. E. Coontz

Miss Coontz

S. R. Courtice

F. J. C. von Dusseldorf

H. A. von Dusseldorf

Mrs. Henry. von Dusseldorf

A. E. Eastes

Elsie M. Eastes

Dr. J. C. Ferguson

F. Finnell

E. Finnell

James Gray

E. Harrison

I. M. Hargrave

N. H. Heft

K. Iljima


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