October 11 1920 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. J. Hailey, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on October 11th, 1920. 

The crossing was described as fine with little wind. 

Passengers included three individuals from Serbia who had been associated with the removal of Serbian forces from Siberia.


Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Victoria and Vancouver on October 11th, 1920.


D. Siffert

Belgium representative at Shanghai.

Y. H. Chu

Vice-President of the China-American Bank en route to the United States.

F. A. Fanning

Of Montreal, associated with the Canadian Medical Corps and the American Red Cross in Siberia and Vladivostok.

S. Esteill

Of San Francisco,

J. Walker

Associated with the Foundation Company and the Pacific Steamship Company, travelling to Seattle from the Far East.

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