May 7 1934 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. V. R. Lovegrove, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on May 7th, 1934. On the voyage the ship reported an uneventful voyage.  A fair list of passengers was reported and cargo and mail were landed.

The ship arrived with two large Komodo Dragons captured by L. Grisworld, archaeologist and W. H. Harkness, ethnologist.  One dragon was destined for the Bronx Zoo, the other to the Smithsonian Institute.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on May 7th, 1934.


Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Lindley

En Route to London after retiring as Ambassador to Japan.

Mrs. B. M. McEwan

Daughter of Sir Francis Lindley, en route to London.

Rt. Rev. R. E. Waller

Bishop of Madras en route to England on vacation.

E. L. Collyer

Of Dunlop Tire Company Far East Limited returning to London.

E. J. Taylor

Of Hakodate, proceeding to England on vacation.

Colonel E. Clive Webb

Of British India Army, returning home on leave.

Dr. O. G. Beebe

Plantation owner from Isabela, Philippines, en route to the United States.

L. Grisworld

New York archaeologist returning home after an expedition to the Dutch East Indies and the capture of Komodo Dragons.

W. H. Harkness Jr.

New York ethnologist returning home after an expedition to the Dutch East Indies and the capture of Komodo Dragons.

Colonel R. S. Chaplin

Of Vancouver, returning after a world tour.

Lady Musgrave

Of Victoria, returning after a world tour.

Captain C. Tait

Royal Navy, Hong Kong, en route to London after a term of service with the Asiatic Squadron.

Mrs. J. P. Baston

Of Shanghai, travelling to London.

T. H. R. Churton

Asiatic Petroleum Company, Shanghai.

G. Callagan

Of Messrs. S. D. Sassoon, London.

H. W. J. Deffegniss

Of the U.S. Rubber Company, Sumatra, travelling to Holland on vacation.

A. Rupp

Representative of the Swiss Watch Company, Kobe

V. M. Craig

Principal of Wellington Girls’ College, Wellington, New Zealand.

H. C. Pim

Of Pacific Mills Limited, Vancouver.

W. A. Janson

Engineer with the Dutch East Indies Government Irrigation Department proceeding to Holland on vacation.


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