May 2 1938 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on May 2nd, 1938.  On the voyage the ship experienced good weather.

The cargo from this voyage is described as a fair cargo of general merchandise including more than 1.000 bags of mail.

The 434 passengers carried included 83 in First Class, 105 in Tourist Cabin and 246 in Third Class.  More than half the passengers were destined to Europe.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on May 2nd, 1938.


Dr. H. F. Bain

Eminent American geologist.

R. C. Brown

Manager of the Du Pont de Nemours Company, Hankow

W. R. Bull

Manger of the Sun Life Insurance Company in Japan.

H. Carson

Pacific Commercial Company, Manila.

F. L. Conklin

Vice-President of the Provident Life Insurance Company.

Col. W. T. O. Crewdson

British Army Headquarters Staff, Hong Kong.

G. B. Dunnett

Manager of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Tokyo.

W. R. Davidson

Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai.

A. R. Edwards

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Shanghai.

J. H. Drummond

Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai.

D. Forbes

Bank Line, Hong Kong.

D. O. Foster

Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai.

G. B. Gill

General Electric Company, Hankow.

R. L. Graham

Director of Messrs. E. M. Graham, London.

J. B. Green

Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai.

Rev. Father G. Hammacher

Faculty member of Sophia University, Tokyo.

L. C. Irvine

American Foreign Insurance Association, New York.

J. Ishizeki

Kyokuyo (Arctic) Whaling Company.

Captain F. H. Jeune

Shanghai pilot and member of the Whangpoo Conservation Board.

W. MacEwen

Hong Kong

R. B. M. Muirhead

Shanghai Pilotsí Association.

A. F. Neilsen


E. C. Norris

Representative of the General Electric Company, Hong Kong.

R. T. Oates

Technical Manager of Patons & Baldwins, Shanghai.

W. Paterson

A. S. Watson & Company, Hong Kong.

D. H. M. Pyle

New York law firm.

H. N. S. Wilkinson

Shanghai Municipal Police Force.

A. Wilson

Rising Sun Petroleum Company, Yokohama.

P. A. Wright

Official of Patons & Baldwins, Shanghai.

E. Weekes

Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai.

A. W. Sawyer

Asiatic Petroleum Company.

H. Carson

Travelling from Saigon.

Mrs. E. H. Gibbon

Wife of American aviator E. H. Gibbon.


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