May 29 1927 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. D. Douglas, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on May 29th, 1927. Good weather was experienced on the crossing with the ship making an average speed of 18.4 knots. A large passenger list of 1,056 persons was reported, comprising 230 First Class, 104 Second Class, 65 Third Class and 656 Steerage.  Many passengers were fleeing war conditions in China.

Cargo included 1,313 bags of mail including 341 bags of parcel mail from Shanghai. 

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on May 29th, 1927.


Sir Harold Parlett and Lady Parlett

Advisor to the British Embassy at Tokyo.

Mrs. O. St. Clair O’Malley

Associated with the British Legation at Peking.

Bishop W. White

American Methodist Mission.

A. H. Arnhold

Merchant in the Orient.

W. Burkhill

Associated with the rubber industry.

George Potts

Financial broker.

P. C. Young

Chairman of the Tientsin Municipal Council.

Dr. Bancroft

American educationalist.

Bernard Duis

Of New York, Vice-President of the National City Bank.

F. S Chase

Of Washington D.C., United States Department of State.

H. Wallem

Canton ship owner.

F. Fales

Associated with the Standard Oil Company.

Mrs. Tousdale

Associated with the American Embassy at Tokyo.

Billy Coutts


R. C. Treadwell

United Sates Consul General at Hong Kong.

Hon. R. C. Bird

Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council.

Commander Leckie

Of the Royal Navy, en route to Hong Kong.

Lieutenant Amcotts

Of the Royal Navy, en route to Hong Kong.


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