May 26 1924 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. D. Douglas, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on May 26th, 1924.  A large passenger list of over 1,000 was reported.  Cargo included 3,000 bales of silk valued at $4,000,000.00, tea, walnuts, rice, and cigars.

Captain J. S. Clark was a passenger on this voyage and a leader of a party of 16 travelling to England from Japan where they had delivered the steamer SOUTH AMERICAN

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Victoria and Vancouver on May 26th, 1924.


W. Hill

En route from China to London.

H. F. Albright

Vice President of the Western Electric Company.

R. E. J. Summers

Chief Engineer of the H. K. Ferguson Company.

Captain J. S. Clark

En route to England from Japan.

Colonel W. R. Dockrill

Of Vancouver, associated with the lumber industry.

Dr. R. Masujima

Of Tokyo.

G. B. Slater

Of Tokyo, associated with W. H. Allen & Company of Bedford England

K. T. Gurney

Associated with the British Embassy at Tokyo.

Dr. M. Shiowaza

En route to Geneva on a diplomatic mission for Japan.

L. Hannaford

Associated with the South British Insurance Company, Japan.

Professor M. Kamo

A Professor at Tokyo University and a delegate to an International Conference in London.

R. Stunzim

Associated with Sieber Hegner Company, Kobe.

S. P. Kitcat

Associated with the Rising Sun Petroleum Company.

R. Steele

Associated with the Peking Mukden Railway.

Percy Folwer

Associated with the Brunner Mond Company.

Hugo Reiss

Associated with the Anderson Meyer Company.

H. T. Hancock

Associated with the Standard Oil Company.

A. G. Stephen

Associated with the Hong Kong Shanghai banking Corporation.

Honourable C. McHesser

Treasure of the Hong Kong Government.

Captain G. I. Bruce

Of Vancouver

J. L. McQuarrie

Associated with the Western Electric Company.


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