May 17 1937 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by George Goold, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on May 17th, 1937 and berthing at Pier B. On the voyage the ship experienced fair weather and carried 404 passengers, 3500 tons of general cargo and a large shipment of mail.  Approximately 100 of the passengers disembarked at Victoria.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on May 17th, 1937.


John W. Eddy

A partner in Skinner & Eddy of Seattle and met at Victoria by the steam yacht AQUILO.

Dr. Murray Bartlett

Founder of the University of the Philippines at Manila in 1910 and President until 1915 returning after a four month visit to the Islands.  Dr. Bartlett had recently retired from the Presidency of Hobart College at Geneva New York.

M. M. Young

A Missionary, age 81, who has been in Japan since 1895 and know travelling to Toronto.

J. Bentley

Of Union Insurance Society of Canton at Hong Kong.

Capt. W. J. R. Cragg

Aide-de-camp to his Excellency the Governor of Hong Kong.

Major H. A. Davies

Attached to Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Hong Kong.

Lieut.-Commander W. A. Elliot

Of the Shanghai Petroleum Company, Shanghai.

H. Hylton

Engineering Department of the Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai.

A. F. Handcock

Sub-Manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation of Kobe, Japan.

G. Adams

Of The Minneapolis Journal.

P. White

Daughter of the British Consul General at Osaka.

G. Burton

Of Gates Mills, Ohio.

Rev. A. Bibaud

Provincial Superior of the Dominican Fathers in Canada, Montreal.

E. R. Gerdine

Keijo, Chosen.

M. Hallberg

Swedish Consul, Hankow.

Lieut.-Commander E. G. G. Hunt

Royal Navy, Karachi.

W. J. McLaughlin

H.B.M. Consul at Yunnanfu.

C. H. Mellor

Of Shanghai.

A. McKellar

Of Hong Kong.

W. J. C. Monk

Imperial Chemicals Industries, Hong Kong.

N. Piercy

Of Shanghai.

R. H. Roberg

Foreign Sales manager of the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company.

W. Simpson

Shanghai Dockyards.

L. S. B. Simeon

Senior Civil Engineer of the Rising Sun Petroleum Company, Yokohama.

A. Harman

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer of the Shanghai Power Company


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