March 27 1927 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. D. Douglas concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on March 27th, 1927.  After leaving Yokohama the ship encountered a severe south west storm lasting two days that resulted in waves damaging two lifeboats on the starboard side.  The EMPRESS OF ASIA however managed a respectable averaged speed of 18.57 knots for the crossing.  A passenger list of 667 was reported with 110 Cabin Class, 97 Second Class, 37 Third Class and 423 Steerage. 

The passenger list included many British and American refugees who were fleeing the civil unrest that was sweeping China.  The refugees originated from may area of China including Shanghai, Nanking, Hankow and Chunking.  Because of the unsettled conditions in China, the ship did not make the regular call to Shanghai but instead remained 14 miles down stream from the city at Woosung. 

A cargo measuring 4485 tons was reported including 4,160 bales of raw silk.  A mail consignment of 1,150 bags was reported.  At Victoria 120 tons of cargo and 119 bags of mail were discharged.  Seventeen bags of mail were sent to Seattle by seaplane.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on March 27th, 1927.

L. Dunbar

Of Hong Kong, a grain merchant.

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