March 22 1926 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. D. Douglas concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on March 22nd, 1926.  A stormy passage was reported with the ship encountering westerly gales with following seas.  Off the Aleutian Islands the ship encountered a snowstorm.

Captain James H. Thomson and Captain S. Sharp of the Baron Shipping Line were passengers on this voyage.  Each had delivered ships to Japan and with both crews, were returning to England.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Victoria and Vancouver on March 22nd, 1926.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicol

Of Hong Kong, associated with the Public Works Department.

Mark Douglas Currie

Of New York, Vice-President of the International Bank Corporation.

N. C. Wilson

Of Singapore, associated with the Mercantile Bank of FMS.

Mrs. J. J. Harrington

Of Hong Kong, associated with the Hong Kong Tikoo Dock Company.

Liao Kang Nang

Of Hong Kong, secretary to the Chinese Consul in Vancouver.

R. N. Macleod

Of Shanghai, a barrister with Platt & Company.

Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Brown

Of Shanghai, associated with Butterfield and Swire, Shanghai.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Finnell

Of Shanghai, associated with Thomson & Company.

W. B. O. Middleton

Of Shanghai, Director of Middleton & Company.

Captain A. Torrible

Of Shanghai, a Captain on the Yangtze River.

S. L. Burdett

Of London, associated with the British Consular Service.

Mr. and Mrs. K. Elliott

Of Shanghai, associated with Amos Bird Company.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bowman

Of Akron, Ohio, associated with Firestone Tire Company.

Reverend A, A, King

Of Toronto, with the London missionary Society.

B. H. M. D’Orsey

Of Kobe.

Keith Murdock

Of Melbourne, Australia, manger with The Herald Newspaper

Deaconess Knapp

Of Tokyo, associated with St. Paul’s University.

Myra Simpson

Of Tokyo, associated with Woman’s Board Mission Church of Canada.

Shoji Konishi

Of Tokyo, an official of the Government of Japan.

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