March 12 1938 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by George Goold, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on March 12th, 1938.  On the voyage the ship reported usual winter weather.  While in Hong Kong the ship underwent an overhaul. A fair passenger list was reported with about 270 travelers aboard. 

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on March 12th, 1938.


J. D. Alexander

Of Kobe, McKinnon, McKenzie Company

Mrs. J. P. Baston

Of Shanghai.

B. M. Blackwood

Oxford University lecturer returning home from a world tour via the United States.

Mrs. W. L. Chang

Of Victoria, returning home from a visit to Shanghai.

J. Crookdale

Of the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Company

D. W. Kermode

HBM Consul at Yokohama en route to England.

Commander H. F. Nalder

Commander of the HMS Grimsby, Shanghai, enroute to England.

A. B. Lloyd

Of Yokohama, Rising Sun Petroleum Company.

P. Parker

Vice-President of Standard Vacuum Oil Company, completing an around the world trip.

L. M. Pheris

Manager of the Shanghai Power company en route to the United States.

B. Prytz

Chairman of the Swedish Match Company and the Swedish Export Association, Gothenburg

M Schibler

Manager of the Park Hotel, Shanghai. En route to Switzerland.

P. L. Yew

Daughter of Dr. H. P. Yew, of the Church missionary Society Hospital, Yunnanfu.


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