June 12 1921 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. J. Hailey, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on June 12th, 1921.  The voyage was characterized by very good weather that allowed a fast passage.  The EMPRESS OF ASIA crossed the Pacific Ocean from Yokohama in a record time, cutting two and a half-hours form the former record that was set by the ship on the previous voyage.

The 1,100 passengers carried included 310 Saloon, 56 Second Class and about 700 Steerage.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on June 12th, 1921.


F. W. Stevens

Of the Morgan banking interests en route to the United States.

Miss Crossley-Batt

Of London, a world traveler

Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Bridou

The former being General Manager of the French shipping Line Messageries Maratimes in the Far East, en route to Europe.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Reiss

Former being General Manger of Anderson, Meyer & Company at Shanghai and Brazilian Consul at Shanghai, en route Canada, the United States and Europe.

Mrs. Penlington

Of Yokohama, left the ship at Victoria en route to Seattle.

Professor Trevor Kincaid

Of the University of Washington, a noted authority on marine life.

Bishop W. S. Lewis

Of Shanghai.


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