January 24 1927 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. D. Douglas concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on January 24th, 1927.  During the first five days after leaving Yokohama the ship experienced head seas and northwesterly gales that delayed the arrival at Victoria by several hours.  Despite the poor weather the EMPRESS OF ASIA averaged a speed of 18.4 knots for the crossing.  A light passenger list of 221 was reported with 32 First Class, 44 Second Class, 31 Third Class and 114 steerage.  A cargo measuring 4880 tons was reported with 180 tons being left at Victoria.  A mail consignment of 1,100 bags was discharged at Victoria with 14 bags being sent to the United States by airplane.

Notes of Intrest:

The EMPRESS OF ASIA was the first Canadian Pacific ship to arrive in British Columbia from the Orient in 1927.

While in the Far East, the EMPRESS OF ASIA was overhauled at Hong Kong and returned to British Columbia with the hull painted in the colours used prior to World War One.  The ship entered Victoria harbour with a white hull marked with a blue line around the sides.

During 1926 and 1927 disturbances in the Hankow (Wuhan) region of China had caused many British residents to flee down the Yangtze River to Shanghai. 

A party of refugees, comprised mostly of missionaries and their families, boarded the EMPRESS OF ASIA while the ship visited Shanghai and traveled to British Columbia on this voyage.  

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on January 24th, 1927.

Dr. W. H. Pott    

Of Shanghai, St. Johnís University, en route to the United States.

H. V. McKeown

Of Thomas Cook and Son.

H. P. Thomas 

Import Export broker travelling to Canada.

H. N. MacIntyre

Of Shanghai, broker en route to England.

E. M. Poons

Of New York, businessman.

T. B. McCall

Of Korea, mining engineer, en route to the United States.

Mrs. F. Cameron

Of Kobe, travelling to Vancouver.

Shotari Sato  

Of Kyoto, on a business trip to North America and Europe.

A. E. Cooper 

Director of Cooper & Son travelling from Japan.

Brigadier and Mrs. Thomas Wilson

With the Salvation Army in Japan, en route to England.

Reverend and Mrs. J. Helps

Missionaries from Hankow.

L. S. Caldwell

Mining engineer from Changsha.


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