February 22 1932 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by L. D. Douglas, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on February 22nd, 1932.  On the voyage the ship reported small passenger list of 132, with 24 First Class, 61 Tourist Class and 47 Steerage.  

Passengers included Officials and members of the All-Canadian Rugby team who were returning from a tour of Japan.

Cargo amounted to 2300 tons with 80 tons being discharged at Victoria.  Mail consisted of 365 bags with 217 for the United States, 38 for Victoria, and 110 for the Canadian mainland. 

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on February 22nd, 1932.


F. C. Hesler

Catering Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Steamships returning from Yokohama.

Captain A. W. Davison

Former master of the EMPRESS OF ASIA and retired Marine Superintendent of Canadian Pacific Steamships at Hong Kong proceeding to Vancouver.

L. F. Dreyfus

Of the Dreyfus Grain Company of Paris, London, and Vancouver proceeding to France after a business trip to the Orient.

L. B. Britton

Motion picture producer returning from Shanghai with pictures of the Sino-Japanese conflict.

Mr. Leboucq

Of the Bank of Indo-China at Hong Kong en route to Paris.

Mr. Fyfe-Smith

President of the Rugby Union of Canada, returning to Vancouver with the All-Canadian Rugby team after tour of Japan.

Harry Lord

Manager of the All-Canadian Rugby team

T. Keck

Returning to Coronado, California after a world cruise.

G. Chiteman

Fur dealer from Harbin, proceeding to New York.


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