February 13 1928 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. J. Hailey, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on February 13th, 1928. The ship reached Victoria 11 hours behind schedule, having been delayed by a terrific storm that struck 2 days out of Yokohama.  One large wave hit the bridge, breaking windows and allowing water to enter.  While the ship was pitching and rolling during the storm, a floating object was struck, damaging a propeller.   

On this voyage the ship carried less than 200 passengers.

The ship brought 3,500 tons of cargo including 3,500 bales of raw silk valued at $5,000,000.00

At Victoria 81 tons of cargo and 502 bags of mail were unloaded.  Most of the mail was destined for the United States.

The British Columbia Provincial Police were requested by American Authorities to take an American passenger into custody.  Upon arrival in Vancouver immigration officials apprehended the individual.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on February 13th, 1928.


D. Cochrane

Engineer of the rising Sun Petroleum Company en route to England.

H. S. Janes

Far Eastern representative of the Automatic Electric Company, Chicago travelling to the United States.

K. Tsunoda

Prominent oil exporter en route to New York.

Mrs.  A. Cartwright


R. S. Fox

Of Grays Harbour

R. W. Money

Standard Oil Company.

R. E. Stewardson

Shanghai architect.

H. E. Goldsmith

Assistant Director of Public Works, Hong Kong.

K. S. Robertson

Of Hong Kong Public Works Department.

F. C. Fogg

Managing Director of Tait & Co., tea merchants.

A. Rollnick

Of France, motion picture director.

J. T. Ruckner

Of Los Angeles, associated with Paramount Films.

Major A. E. Thompson

Of Straits Settlement, merchant.


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