December 4 1927 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. J. Hailey concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on December 4th, 1927. Continuous headwinds and heavy seas delayed the arrival at Victoria by 12 hours.  Only 36 hours of fair weather were reported for the entire crossing.  A passenger list of 285 was reported. There were 57 cabin passengers 20 of whom disembarked at Victoria.  Cargo measured 2,000 tons with 234 tons being discharged at Victoria.  Cargo included 50,000 bundles of Japanese oranges, 740 tons of raw silk valued at $6,000,000.00, and 20 packages of finished silk.  The finished silk was transshipped to New York via the Panama Canal.  A special train of 17 cars awaited the arrival of the ship at Vancouver to rush the raw silk to New York.  Christmas mail was exceptionally heavy, totaling over 2,000 bags.  This included 538 bags of parcel mail for the United States and 63 bags that were discharged at Victoria.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on December 4th, 1927.


Henry Chrimes

Shanghai journalist.

H. D. Horning

Representative of the Douglas Fir Corporation at Kobe.

H. Vestey

Nephew of Lord Vestey.

Count Ayske Kabayama

Of the Imperial Japanese Foreign Office en route to Washington.

M. Goolden

Of Vancouver.

Sir Frederick Whyte

Prominent Lecturer.

Bishop and Mrs. Ainsworth

Of the Orient Methodist Church.

Colonel H. G. Martelli D.S.O.

Base Commander of North China Command.

F. B. Wright

Chief Insular Auditor for the Philippines.

Major J. Kirkpatrick

Of Kailan Mining administration.

Father Joseph Cassidy


W. Watkinson

Canadian Pacific agent.

G. V. Hayes

Prominent importer.

Caroline Macdonald

Japanese Missions.

G. Robinson

Prominent Kobe merchant.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Cornish


Mr. and Mrs. Post


Mr. and Mrs. Waters

Of the Standard Oil Company, Java.


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