December 21 1913 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by Samuel Robinson, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on December 21st, 1913.  A very fast crossing from Yokohama was achieved; requiring only 9 days and 7 hours.

The Passenger list comprised 40 Saloon Class and 200 Steerage passengers.

A valuable cargo was carried including 3,000 bales of silk valued at $1,500,00.00. 

Forty-one Chinese sailors arrived as passengers and remained with the ship as part of the crew on the next voyage. 

Two Japanese boys, who had been loading the ship at Yokohama, fell asleep in the hold and awoke when the ship had cleared harbour. The two were classified as stowaways and taken into custody by Customs Official in Vancouver.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Victoria and Vancouver on December 21st, 1913.


Manuel L. Quezon

Of Manila, en route to the United States Congressional Conference at Washington.

W. A. Aldridge


Mrs. Bard


N. M. Barrett


G. S. Beebe


M. S. Bishop


A. J. Carson


J. A. Cavanagh


H. A. Cobb


C. Chu


E. Dimmitt


J. H. Douglas


M. H. Elliott


Mrs. M. J. Graves


Lieutenant F. T. Hare


A. Hashim


G. R. Hooper


T. J. Jamieson


Mrs. Hooper


Mrs. Jamieson


R. T. Rowen


Mrs. E. Judd


M. Kubaugh


H. Kuwajima


Mrs. Luen


E. H. Monk


B. F. Moy


Mrs. Moy


J. H. Parks


Mrs. Parks


C. R. Parks


T. G. R. Pierson


M. Purcell


Fernand Sauuvage


M. Strauss


Mr. and Mrs. Strong


H. J. Tompkins


B. Moaroff


J. Mangas



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