December 18, 1916 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by Captain A. Wellesley Davison, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on December 18th, 1916.  Rough weather was experienced during the crossing.

On this crossing a passenger list of 481 was reported, including 171 Saloon Class passengers.  Of these 171 Saloon passengers, 69 disembarked at Victoria, with the majority proceeding to Seattle on the afternoon ferry.  Many passengers were from the Philippines.

A heavy cargo of 5,500 tons was reported including 4,930 bales and 800 cases of silk valued at $4,000,000.00.  Cargo also included 2,000 cases of rubber, 2,000 cases of Chinese eggs, tea and rice.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on December 18th, 1916.

S. Cameron

Of Vancouver

May Jenkins

Of Hamilton, Ontario.

A. S. King

Of Toronto, Ontario.

I. Nugent

Of Vancouver

Captain R. D. Black and family

En route to the United Sates from the Philippines.

Arnistis Hernnadis

Of Vladivostok, en route to San Francisco on a business trip.


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