December 17 1934 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. V. R. Lovegrove, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on December 17th, 1934. The voyage was described as usual winter crossing.  A fair passenger list and a heavy cargo were reported.

The EMPRESS OF ASIA was delayed several hours by an emergency that occurred on December 16th, 1934 off the coast of Vancouver Island.  A distress message was received from the British freighter CAPE ORTEGAL, loaded with cargo and listing 160 miles off Tatoosh.  The EMPRESS OF ASIA responded to the call for assistance and sailed south for about 30 miles to reach the CAPE ORTEGAL and stand by while the freighter adjusted direction and got underway.  The CAPE ORTEGAL, with the assistance of the tugboat SALVAGE KING, successfully reached Victoria.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on December 17th, 1934.


D. Drummond

Hong Kong, Oriental Manager of the Canadian pacific Steamships Limited, on a trip to Canada.

Stuart Bell

Of Cleveland, prominent sports writer who accompanied touring baseball players to Japan.

E. Blackburn

Chief Travelling Auditor of the Canadian pacific, returning from a business trip to the Orient.

S. Wijkstrom

Of Bombay, Western India Match Company Ltd., on a trip to the United States and Canada.

Mrs. A. C. Brigham

Delegate to the Red Cross Conference at Tokyo en route to Chicago.

H. Perlmann

New York importer and exporter, en route from a business trip to the Orient.

M. Pressner

A prominent Importer of New York returning from a business trip to Japan.

P. V. McLane

Assistant Canadian Trade Commissioner at Kobe, returning to Canada for leave.

Mrs. M. G. Graham

Of Taihoku, Formosa.

George Robinson

Yokohama exporter proceeding to New York on business.


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