August 8 1921 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on August 8th, 1921.  On the voyage the ship passed, on her port side, the battleship USS TENNESEE.  The battleship had recently departed Vancouver after a visit to the city.

The cargo from this voyage is described as fair sized but lightweight with large consignment of silk

The 1,100 passengers carried included about 300 saloon and 70 second cabin.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on August 8th, 1921.  


Hon. Manuel Quezon  - President of the Senate of the Philippine Islands.

Harold Dollar and family of the Dollar Steamship Company.

Mischa Elman - noted violinist.

G. R. Gregg of the firm of G. R. Gregg & Co. of Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.

P. H. McKay prominent broker of Kobe, Japan.

V. Read representative of a large silk house in the Orient.

Dr. A. Shurjian

E. A. Sperry of Sperry gyroscope.

Charles Yip Yen - returning from a visit to Hong Kong and a successful mining venture.  Charles Yip Yen is described as a Vancouver pioneer who played a prominent role in the construction of the western segment of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  He also served as a Court Interpreter for 17 years.

Bertrand Russell British mathematician and philosopher returning from a visit to Japan.

James J. Warren President of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada


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