August 22 1938 - Notable Passengers


The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by George Goold, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on August 22nd, 1938.  On the voyage the ship experienced fine weather although the arrival at Victoria was delayed slightly as fog was encountered off the coast of Vancouver Island. 

On this voyage Lim Cheong Hee, a fisherman, was rescued from a bamboo raft found floating one day out from Hong Kong.  Lim had been adrift for four days after having been blown off shore by a gale.  He was treated for exposure and left the ship at Shanghai.

On this crossing a passenger list of 311 was reported.

Many of those that disembarked at Victoria would travel to Seattle by ferryboat.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on August 22nd, 1938.


L. S. Stiles

Associated with the E. Eaton Company, Toronto.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Turner

Associated with Andersen Meyer and Company, Shanghai. En route to Vancouver.

N. Stilwell

The daughter of Colonel Stilwell, Military Attache at the American Embassy at Peking.

Anne Stewart

A prominent Vancouver tour organizer returning from a trip to Manila.

W. H. Siegfried

Of Chicago, a tea merchant.

J. C. Perlas

Of Manila, en route to the United States.

O. M. Royal

Associated with the Insular Cigar Factory, Manila,

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M. Noelting

Associated with the E. I. Du Pont de Nemours Company, en route to Brusseus.

R. Nelson

Of Tokyo.

Captain and Mrs. W. G. Lalor

En route to Pender Harbour, B.C.

L. Lambert

Associated with the Luzon Stevedoring Company of the Philippines en route to New York.

B. W. Humphrey

Associated with the Standard Vacuum Oil Company, Tientsin.

Mr. and Mrs., R. A. Igel

Traveling from Java to the United States.

K. Hobday


S. Abeulfeteuh

Associated with the Egyptian Embassy at Tokyo.

J. Barretto


A. N. Choukry

Associated with the Egyptian Embassy at Tokyo.

Captain A. Cruz

Medical Officer of the Philippines en route to the United States.

Captain J. A. Sanchez

Medical Officer of the Philippines en route to the United States.

W. J. Blank

Associated with the Bataefshe Petroleum Company in Borneo, en route to Rotterdam.

P. Divers

Associated with the Rising Sun Petroleum Company, Yokohama.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Fabella

Of Manila travelling on a world tour.

Major J. T. Ford OBE

Associated with the Shanghai Municipal Council en route to England.

Lieutenant P. de Guzman

Of the Philippine Army. travelling to the United States

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hellyer

Of Chicago, former a prominent tea merchant.


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