August 1 1932 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. V. R. Lovegrove, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on August 1st, 1932. On the voyage the ship experienced smooth seas and plenty of fog that made it necessary to sound the horn continuously for 6 days.

The ship carried a cargo that included 3,118 bales of silk of which 450 were discharged at Victoria to the H. F. ALEXANDER for delivery to San Francisco.  From San Francisco this silk would be sent to New York via the Panama Canal.  The remainder of the silk aboard the EMPRESS OF ASIA would be discharged at Vancouver for transport by fast train to the East. 

On August 2nd, the ship would sail for the Dominion Government dry-dock for overhaul.

A passenger list of 164 was reported with 32 First Class, 42 Tourist Class and 90 Steerage.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on August 1st, 1932.


Commander F. R. Davey

Of London, a Director of Sasoon’s Finance Board en route home after a visit to the Orient.

John Davey


J. W. Norton

Of Linotype Company Limited, London, proceeding home after a tour of the Orient.

A. W. L. Robertson

Of London, en route home after a business tour of Japan and China.

T. Mayeda

Making a brief trip to points of interest in the Canadian Rockies.

Professor T. Yamada

Making a brief trip to points of interest in the Canadian Rockies.

En Shui Tai

Secretary to the Chinese Legation at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, en route to Great Britain.

Dr. J. Morrison

Hong Kong practitioner en route to Great Britain

R. G. Henderson

Of London, an electrical merchant returning from a tour of the Orient.

R. H. Gregory

Of Shanghai, the British-American Tobacco Company.

Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman

Of London, returning home after a business trip to Japan and China.

Mrs. A. J. Allan

Proceeding from Hong Kong to Great Britain.

Mrs. Hsiki Chow and family

Returning to Vancouver after a visit to Canton.


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