August 12 1935 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. V. R. Lovegrove, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on August 12th, 1935. On the voyage the ship enjoyed fine summer weather.

The ship carried a large cargo including 3,500 bales of silk valued at $2,000,000.  The silk filled 13 rail cars on a train that left shortly after the vesselís arrival, bound for cloth importers on the east coast of Canada and the United States.  Another carload of silk had been earlier landed at Victoria, destined for New York by way of Panama.

In addition 40 carloads of lily bulbs, destined for Europe, were loaded upon a train bound for the East Coast.

The shipís general cargo holds were filled with ordinary cargo and her strongroom brought a shipment of gold and silver currency for New York and San Francisco. 

Approximately 250 passengers in all classes were carried.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on August 12th, 1935.


J. P. Marquand

U. S. author (disembarked at Victoria).

G. S. McFadden, K.C.         

Montreal barrister.

C. Waseige

French aeronautical engineer returning to France after a business visit to Japan.

Miss A. C. Stewart and party

Orient tour party organizer.

Mrs. W. K. Du Pont

Philadelphia member of the Garden Club Tour.

Mrs. H. M. Hoopes

Philadelphia member of the Garden Club Tour.

Mrs. A. Hoyt Scott

Philadelphia member of the Garden Club Tour.

Mrs. H. G. Dover and son

Ford Motor Company at Colombo enroute to Calgary.

A. E. Collins

Navy yard at Hong Kong proceeding to Portsmouth.

Monsieur B. F. Meyer

Maryknoll Mission.

Rev. L. F. Jones

Maryknoll Mission.

J. T. Read

Asiatic Petroleum Company, Shanghai.

J. C. Pain

Asiatic Petroleum Company, Shanghai.

Liang Shao-wen

Former consul in Palembang, enroute to Seattle to  take over the position of Chinese consul

D. M. Gibbens

Lyons Tea Company

M. McCance

Lendrum Company of Japan

G. S. Sale

Sale & Company, importers, returning to London after a business trip to the Orient.

Mrs. W. Seabury

Prominent socially in New York.

Mrs. E. Lewis

English Electric Company of Tokyo

H. Jackson

An extensive traveler from Gloucester

J. Robertshaw

J. P. Coates & Company.

E. Rhodes

J. P. Coates & Company.

H. Whitwam

J. P. Coates & Company.


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