April 30 1917 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by A. W. Davison, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on April 30th, 1917. The ship carried 280 saloon and 59 second cabin class passengers. Some 50 saloon passengers disembarked at Victoria including those bound for Seattle by ferry. At Victoria 500 sacks of mail were unloaded. The ship carried a capacity cargo including a valuable shipment of silk that was rushed to New York on a special train that was awaiting the ship’s arrival at Vancouver.

Note of Interest:

On April 6th, 1917, while the EMPRESS OF ASIA was in the Orient, the United States entered World War 1.  In response to the new military situation the United States began to transfer military personnel from the Philippines to other assignments.

On this voyage the ship carried several American Army and Naval personnel who were returning to the United States from the Philippines.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Victoria and Vancouver on April 30th, 1917.


Admiral A. G. Winterhalter

American Admiral en route to the United States from the Philippines.

Commander J. H. Sypher

American Naval officer.

Colonel C. Collins

American Army officer.

Colonel S. C. Gurney

Military surgeon.

Judge G. T. Trent

Returning to the United States from the Philippines.

Sir Duncan Carmichael

En route to Scotland.

Captain B. S. Braithwaite

Former Master of the Blue Funnel ship PROTESILAUS en route to Great Britain.


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