April 14 1919 - Notable Passengers

The EMPRESS OF ASIA, commanded by Captain A. W. Davison, concluded a Pacific crossing upon reaching Vancouver on April 15th, 1919.  The ship reported a pleasant and smooth crossing from Yokohama.

A full list of Cabin passengers and 600 steerage passengers were reported.

Passengers included a party led by Colonel J. S. Dennis, of the Canadian Economic Commission to Siberia consisting of eight officers and a small contingent of soldiers.  The military personnel were returning from garrison duty at Vladivostok.

Another party of passengers consisted of foreign employees of the Nobel Explosive Works at Hiratsuka who were returning to England.

Notable passengers aboard EMPRESS OF ASIA arriving at Vancouver on April 15th, 1919.

Sir Conyngham Greene

British Ambassador at Tokyo returning to England.

Lady Lily Greene

En route to England from Tokyo.

Colonel J. S. Dennis

En route from Vladivostok to Canada

V. E. Francke

Former British Vice-Consul at Vladivostok returning to England.

D. C. Rea

Of the Royal Bank of Canada returning to Canada from Vladivostok.

John K. Davis

Former U. S. Consul at Antung returning to America,

E. R. Wilkinson and family.

En route to England from Yokohama

Major E. W. Frazar

Treasurer of the Siberian Commission of the American Red Cross en route to Washington.

E. Tawney

Representative of the American Treasury at Yokohama en route to the United States

C. J. Davidson

British Vice-Consul at Yokohama en route to England.

T. C. Blue

Associated with Bagnall & Hilles Co., returning to the United States.

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