Empress of Asia - Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

June 14th, 1913-August 31st, 1913

The EMPRESS OF ASIA under the command of Samuel Robinson began her maiden voyage upon sailing from Liverpool on June 14th, destined for Vancouver British Columbia.

The following table contains the names of senior officers on this voyage.


Samuel Robinson


L. D. Douglas

Chief Officer

W. Auld

Chief Engineer

F. James


D. Maughan-Taylor


P. J. Ryan


T. J. Bridge

Chief Steward

Lieutenant W. F. Legge

Extra Second Officer

Lieutenant Whitten

Second Officer

W. Sinclair

Third Officer

D. W. Graham

Fourth Officer

The following table contains the names of Ports that were called upon during this voyage.


Left Liverpool Saturday June 14th 1913

Arrived Madeira Wednesday June 18th 1913

Left Madeira Thursday June 19th 1913

Arrived Cape Town Wednesday July 2nd 1913

Left Cape Town Friday July 4th 1913

Arrived Durban Sunday July 6th 1913

Left Durban Tuesday July 8th 1913

Arrived Colombo Saturday July 19th 1913

Left Colombo Monday July 21st 1913

Arrived Singapore Friday July 25th  1913

Left Singapore Saturday July 26th 1913

Arrived Hong Kong Wednesday July 30th 1913

Left Hong Kong Wednesday August 13th 1913

Left Shanghai Saturday August 16th 1913

Left Nagasaki Monday August 18th 1913

Left Kobe Tuesday August 19th 1913

Left Yokohama Thursday August 21st 1913

Arrived Victoria Saturday August 30th 1913

Arrived Vancouver Sunday August 31st 1913

The EMPRESS OF ASIA sailed to Vancouver via South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope.  About 70 passengers boarded at Liverpool and others joined at Capetown, Hong Kong and Yokohama.  When Victoria was reached passengers numbered 140 in Saloon Class, 80 in Second Class and 629 in Steerage.

The EMPRESS OF ASIA carried 4223 tons of cargo. Three thousand bales of silk that filled 17 railcars were transferred to a waiting silk train for an expeditious trip across the continent to New York.  The silk shipment was valued at $3,000,000.

The ship also carried 262 cases of silk goods, 81 cases of linen goods, 60 cases of cotton goods, 80 cases of curios and 18,000 pieces of sawn oak from Yokohama.

H. Maitland-Kersey, Managing Superintendent of Canadian pacific Steamships, traveled to British Columbia to greet the ship and boarded at Victoria to make the trip to Vancouver.


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