September 1 1934 - March 2 1935

The following table contains the names of the crewmembers that served on the EMPRESS OF ASIA on a voyage that commenced September 1 1934 and terminated March 2 1935.

Adamson, W. E. Purser
Alexander, J. F. Engineer
Allen, J. R. Marconi Operator
Bald, J. Chief Engineer
Barff, A. M. Officer, Second
Barker, J. W. Engineer
Barker, R. C. Purser
Barry, L. C. 1st Officer
Booth, W. E. Barkeeper
Bouzan, B. Master-at-Arms
Boyer, M. Stewardess
Campbell, W. Electrician
Carpenter T. C. Cadet
Carpenter, L. S. Marconi Operator
Cole, M. Messenger
Colombo, P. Chef
Connell, H. A. Marconi Operator
Cotterell, H. C. Ticket Agent
Crofts, C. W. 4th Officer
Dawson, W. Carpenter
de Laval, J. Storekeeper
Drummond, J. Sanitary Engineer
Duvoisin, E. Steward
Evans, T. Engineer
Findlay, J. H. Steward
Fraser, D. S. Steward
Galbraith, H. S. B. Surgeon
Galloway, F. E. Engineer
Geddes, J. D. Ship's Constable
Glover, T. C. Refrigeration Engineer
Goddard, L. M. Chief Officer
Goold, G. Staff Captain
Goss, R. 3rd Officer
Gray, G. H. J. Ship's Constable
Green, E. P. Supt. Captain
Hall, J. B. Steward
Hall, L. G. Messenger
Halloway, G. A. Storekeeper
Hamilton, R. Baggage Master
Handy, L. Boatswain
Haswell, M. Stewardess
Holmes, H. Linenkeeper
Inglis, W. S. Engineer
James, V. E. Cadet
Johnson, A. Hairdresser
Johnson, H. C. Steward
Kenyon, W. J. Purser's Cadet
Latham, H. Storekeeper
Leitch, S. Chief Electrician
Lovegrove, A. V. R. Commander
Mann, H. M. Storekeeper
Martland, L. Engineer
Masson, J. Engineer
McEwan, R. Ticket Agent
McEwen, D. Steward
McMurtrie, T. Boilermaker
McPherson, C. E. Ticket Agent
Metcalfe, H. B. 2nd Officer
Minter, H. Pantryman
Munro, J. A. Engineer
Murray, J. A. Nurse
Newberg, J. Marconi Operator
O'Sullivan, P. Nurse
Pinkerton, E. K. Surgeon
Ramsay, J. Engineer
Reid, E. Stewardess
Robinson, W. J. Messenger
Ross, A. M. Bookstall Attendant
Ross, C. E. Purser
Simpson, W. A. Engineer
Sinclair, P. Purser's Cadet
Smith, S. Engineer
Spring, C. C. Marconi Operator
Stainton, H. Engineer
Storey, G. T. Engineer
Taylor, W.  F. Chief Purser
Thomas, R. D. Marconi Operator
Thomson, D. Messenger
Treloar, E. B. Engineer
Vignal, P. Chef
Watson, J. 5th Officer
Williams, D. B. Chief Electrician
Willington, D. Barber
Wright, F. S. Chief Steward


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