March 14 1918 - January 31 1919

This crew list covers a period from March 14, 1918 to the end of January 1919.

The ship began this period with a regular Trans-Pacific mercantile round trip voyage to the Orient. Upon return to Vancouver, the demands of war resulted in the requisition of the ship again, this time as a troop carrier on the Atlantic.

The EMPRESS OF ASIA sailed for New York in May of 1918. The ship carried Chinese labourers, members of Chinese Labour Battalions, who were required in a supportive role in the War in Europe, and reached New York via Panama. The ship was to make six round trips from the eastern coast of the United States to Great Britain and France carrying American soldiers.

With the Armistice of 1918 the EMPRESS OF ASIA was almost immediately enlisted to transport Canadian troops home. The ship sailed from Liverpool on January 2nd 1919 with over 1,200 military personnel on board.

Victoria was reached on January 24th 1919 and Vancouver the following day.


Davison, W. Master
Douglas, L. W. Chief Officer
Sinclair, P. 1st Officer
Wilson, E. S. 2nd Officer
Ford, Harold 2nd Officer
Main, E. H. 3rd Officer
McCormick, A. 4th Officer
Shepherd, G. B. Boatswain
Laughton, H. Carpenter
Carmichael, R. K. Master at Arms
Sweeney, W. T. Baggage Master
Little, H. Boy
McLachlan, D. Boy
Proctor, Jack Boy
Waters, C. A. 4th Officer
Holland, A. J. Chief Officer
Edwards, G. Boatswain
Roberts, L. J. Joiner
Smith, Albert Joiner
Leary, T. O. Quarter Master
Adamson, James Chief Engineer
Shaw, R. H. Engineer
McGregor, John Engineer
Cowper, D. Engineer
Evans, T. Engineer
Melville, R. Engineer
Smith, S. Engineer
Moncrieff, R. Engineer
Wilson, J. H. D. Engineer
Kidd, T. M. Engineer
McDonald, J. C. Engineer
McClennan, H. Engineer
Munro, R. Refrigeration Engineer
Leitch, S. Chief Electrician
Harding, C. P. Electrician
McMurtrie, Thomas Boiler Maker
Clark, N. Engineer
Hutchinson, E. W. Engineer
Fraser, J. Refrigeration Engineer
James, T. N. Purser
Mason, W. Purser
Campbell, J. G. Purser
Moore-Graham, G. R. Surgeon
Bridge, Thomas J. Chief Steward
Gavin, C. E. Steward
Burns, C. Steward
Barnett, J. Storekeeper
Robinson, J. J. Barkeeper
Johnson, George Chef
Aylesworth, W. Barber
Fisher, E. Steward
Hamilton, S. S. Stewardess
Morgan, M. T. Stewardess


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